4 weeks ago
How to Upload to Drako's Playground Art
First off, only REGISTERED users with ACTIVATED accounts
may upload art to Drako's Playground Art Gallery.

Step 1:
You will need to setup an account here on Drako's Playground Art
on the "My Account" page above.
This will add your username to our system as a
New User without upload abilities.

Note: Your Drako's Playground Art Account is seperate
from all other Drako's Den/Playground Accounts.
You may attempt to use the same username
across all services.

Step 2:
You will need to Activate your account here:

Once we Activate your acount
you become a Regular Member
with upload abilities.

You may then login using the "My Account" link above
Once Logged in, you may click on "Posts" above to see the art.
At the bottom of the Posts page is the "Add" link.
Click on that to upload your art.

Or you may sign up for our Easy Transfer Service:

Drako's Playground Art is a part of Drako's Den and Playground
Drako's Den: http://cutt.ly/drako
Drako's Playground: http://tiny.cc/drako

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